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Blue Lice catches salmon lice in the larval stage before they attach themselves to salmon. This reduces the number of infestations and thus reduces the need for treatment. By exploiting the salmon lice’s natural instincts, it eliminates salmon lice without any adverse effects on the fish or the ecosystem. It also provides fish farmers with a better understanding of salmon lice behaviour, especially in the phases before they attach to the fish. This enables more strategic thinking and ultimately contributes to better control of salmon lice. Combined with other measures, this helps fish farmers to meet regulatory requirements regarding salmon lice prevalence on farms.


A company that is newly founded or in the early-growth stage and needs more funding to grow. It accurately states its mission and vision and is part of an innovative market or solution. The startup's beneficiaries range from small communities to a continental scale, and it has the potential to have a positive impact on the planet and people. There is a high potential risk that the impact will not occur as expected because the startup is part of a very competitive market and is relatively young.


Keeps salmon lice prevalence on fish farms down. This solution can be used in combination with salmon lice prediction models to provide a more solid understanding of future salmon lice infestations on fish farms.

Salmon lice have had many thousands of years to become experts at finding salmon. They use light detection and the smell of salmon mucus to aid them in their search. Blue Lice deploy both of these elements in its traps, thereby exploiting the natural instincts of salmon lice.

By exploiting the salmon lice’s natural instincts, we eliminate salmon lice without any adverse effects on the fish or the ecosystem. Blue Lice is committed to working in line with nature and sustainability is a priority throughout the entire process.

Salmon suppliers.

Consultancy. Provides expertise for fish farmers and teach them how to reduce the presence of salmon lice.

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