Founding Year

CPH Village builds modular student housing. It aims to offer affordable and sustainable lifestyles in strong communities at several villages in Copenhagen.

Rising Star

A company that is newly founded or in the early-growth stage and needs more funding to grow. It accurately states its mission and vision and is part of a very competitive market or very innovative solution. The startup has the potential to have a positive impact on a global scale and generate substantial change for underserved communities or areas. There is a high potential risk that the impact will not occur as expected because it is part of a very competitive market and relatively young. Therefore, there is a chance it won't achieve the desired effects due to external competition.


Offers an affordable and sustainable lifestyle in a strong community. Fosters diverse communities with a focus on collaboration.

Builds modular student housing from shipping containers, fosters sustainable and cohesive communities.

To create the best place to live, for people and for the planet. Has a goal of offering 2500 homes in Copenhagen to demonstrate the sustainable life as the most attractive.

Early Growth
Students who want to live in an affordable and sustainable community.

Renting student housing.

Real Estate, Home living
Communities, Customers, Suppliers