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Waste-Outlet provides an online trading portal where anyone can have easy access to new markets and a network of companies. This saves time and administration costs in trading waste and secondary raw materials.


A company in a late-growth stage that has already received funds. It shows a high level of transparency and communicates its mission and vision, including a commitment to the SDGs, and reports on sustainability and impact. The startup's beneficiaries usually range from small communities to a continental scale, and it has a positive impact on the planet and people. The risk that impact will not occur as expected is medium.


FIND TRADING PARTNERS Grow your network worldwide. Use our platform to connect with buyers who have new solutions for treating your waste material, or to find sellers for the material you are looking for. GET THE BEST MARKETPRICE If you sell waste, have buyers bid on your waste resources to get the highest price. If you are a buyer of waste, make sure not to pay more than market value. SAVE TIME IN TRADING Save up to 70% on administration time. No more calling or sending mails to get the right price for your material. Easily keep track of where your waste ends up.

All recyclable resources can be traded on the platform, and the organization verifies every company that is registered. Helps users improve the environmental impact of their resources and to see their waste as a resource.

To bring together businesses that are committed to zero waste solutions, creating value for customers and partners. To help society at large by playing an important role in reducing the negative impact on the environment and climate, by moving waste from landfill to recycling for a waste free future. A waste-free world where 100% of the waste produced is recycled.

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Businesses that are committed to zero waste solutions and wish to trade their surplus of materials.
Marketplace & E-commerce

Commission on the items sold in the market place.

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